OCM wont appear on the ribbon.

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Hi there,


Just a quick rundown - im business premium customer, with fully updated office 365 client.

My colleague, on same tenant as me, got OCM rolled out to him without any hassle. He got nice button on his ribbon and everything appears to be in order.

However, whatever i tried i can not get OCM to be there, after trying few different things, i manage (dont know exactly what worked) to add OCM under the add-in panel on the bottom left handside of the client (where you have your mail, calendar, people and task).

It does open and appears to be operational, however no matter what i tryed it does not appear on the ribbon of the client, where you can integrate it with mails you receive.

I been advised that it has not been rolledout fully to me, which i find very strange, especially considering my colleague, who has it operational, is on the same tenant as me.

Please advise how can this be fixed.


http://clip2net.com/s/3KqcmBG - "no OCM button"

http://clip2net.com/s/3KqcCuF - "the only way to access OCM on my client"

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Hi null,


1. Please go to https://portal.office.com/account/#subscriptions > Subscriptions > check whether you have the Outlook Customer Manager license.

2. Go to the Office 365 Mail settings


General > Manage add-ins > Check whether OCM is enabled for your account


3. Make sure your Outlook 2016 client version meets the requirement:


4. If possible, could you please try to check whether you can see the OCM button on a fresh-install PC with Outlook 2016.





Hi Kanjie,


Thank you for the reply. I have tried all the steps you have proposed, unforunately nothing has changed. Here is the break down from each of the step:


1. OCM licence is present on my account:





2. Even thought OCM is on the acount, as it can be seen in previous step. There is no visible option to enable it in add-in section:






3. Outlook is up to date as on 17/05/2017:





4. Unfortunately dont have access to fresh PC, but will try this one on the weekend and will keep you posted.


Should you have any other ideas or anything, please do let me know.


Kind Regards


Hi Null,


Thanks for the detailed information.


I have noticed that OCM add-in does not show in the OWA Mnage add-ins page. And the Outlook client version build is ok. I have sent you a private message to confirm some details, please check it.





Hi Lance,


You`re a legend, Lance. Worked as a charm. Thank you very much.




I am in the same situation as the original post. OCM appears in the licensed products for my subscription, but does not appear in the OWA add-ins. I would love to try Lance's fix. Any chance of posting it in this thread, or sending me a PM with the information?


So far, I have tried unassigning and reassigning myself from my O365 Business Subscription, and uninstalling and (re)installing the desktop O365 apps through the admin portal.


I was thinking about trying to deactivate and reactivate the install next, but this blind trial and error stuff is getting very frustrating. I would love it if it just worked.




Hi Ralph,


I have sent a private message to you, please click the envelope icon in the right corner to access it.





Hi Lance,

Same issue here. Just got Office 365 Premium installed. But Customer Manager for outlook is nowhere to be found. Spent hours trying to figure this out. Please help.



Hi Robin ,


About this issue, first I would like to confirm the following information:

  1. Please go to https://portal.office.com/account/#subscriptions > Subscriptions > check whether you have the Outlook Customer Manager license. See the screenshot below:ocm license.jpg2. Go to the Office 365 Mail settings.


General > Manage add-ins > Check whether OCM is enabled for your accountadd-ins.png3. If the answer of the 2 questions are all yes, please make sure you open OCM in your Outlook client under your Office 365 account you select.




Hi Kanjie,
I have the same problem. I have seen the OCM button in the ribbon, but it then disappeared. I have checked my subscriptions and it's not listed.

Any further advice would be helpful.

Martyn Hale

Hi Martyn,


Please provide your Office 365 tenant account for us so we can check if there is any backend issue.  For privacy concern, I have sent you a private message to collect this information, please click the envelope icon in the right corner to access it.





Hi Lance,


I have one user in the UK having the issue and the Outlook Customer Manager does not show up in the subcriptions. Can you let me know what you have done for 'Null' to solve this issue?


I can contact the Office 365 admin if needed.


Hi Marc,


Could you please check Amanda's suggestion first and provide related screenshots for us?











Hello Lance,


I posted a reply on here yesterday because I'm having the same problem, but it has been removed... not sure why? I am the only one in my organisation to not have OCM in my ribbon yet... and I'm the only one set for First Release - as the IT Manager.


Your assistance would be greatly appreciated!








I'm suffering same issue. 


1. OCM appears in my subscription listing 

2. OCM does not appear on the ribbon (or anywhere else that I can find) 


Could you send me the PM solution that has been sent to others in this string. 


Many thanks, 



This happens to me, too. I am part of "first run", business premium, OCM is part of my subscriptions, and OCM assigned to my account, but it does not show in add-ins or on the ribbon - please help


Hi All,


This is Shuman from the Support Team. I notice that you many people encounter this issue. To further investigate whether it is caused by same reason, could you post a new thread in our forum with details such as screenshot showing the issue and OWA setting as Amanda mentioned above? We will keep providing assistance for you. 

Meanwhile, I'd like to deliver that OCM is available for the whole Office 365 for Business Premium now and needn't first release.


Thanks for your time and understanding.




Hi Lance -


I'm having the same problem with everyone else.  The system says I am subscribed, and I can see a license, but OCM doesn't show up in my list of Office Add-ins.  I read in another thread that it requires IE 11.  Is that true?


  Can you help?





I am having the same problem.

- OCM is subscribed as a part of Office 365 Business Premium

- OCM is no longer an option in Exchange Admin Center > Add-ins (See image)


Can you please give me some guidance or Message me the fix.














Instead of PM'ing people, why cant Lance who obviously knows the fix just post how to fix it. It worked for the first individual in this chat. Yes this is a massive issue and needs to be fixed.