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Hi all,

I have some issues with OCM, i can't delete contacts and companies and still have 53k items not indexed yet (it's the same number since 2 days and i've tried to recreate the Outlook Profile, reindex all and it still doesn't work).


Then i repaired Office, cleared IE cache, and then reopened Outlook 2016. But this time, i was unable to open OCM (Sorry something went wrong. Please try again), tried to reclear the cache and some other stuff like deleting temp files etc and nothing worked.


I don't really know how to troubleshoot OCM, i need assistance to fix this. 

Thanks in advance

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Hi Badr,


Could you go to OWA->option->app to disable the OCM add-in, and let Outlook sync the changes? After that, re-enable the app at OWA to see if you can open OCM in Outlook.




Hi Johnny,


Didn't try this, Microsoft support said that they're working on this bug.

OCM started normally this morning so i think that it's resolved.


Thanks for your Help,

Best regards