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Hi All,


I just started using OCM. I'm a sales manager working with salesreps.


When I create a contact and company and select the share feature, my salesrep are able to see these contacts and companies. If I create a task associated to a company, this does not share across the reps. only I can view in the <<Today Pane or task lists>> . I need my reps to be able to view and modify tasks so I can stay updated.


I've also noticed that notes are not sharing. The only thing that shares are files that I upload.


Can any body help me please?


Thank you


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Hi Swavroch,


It is not feasible to share the Tasks associated companises. For the inconvenience caused to you, it is recommended that you submit feedback to Outlook Customer Manager team via https://outlook.uservoice.com/forums/407082-outlook-customer-manager. As you know, many products services and features have been designed based on customers' constructive ideas. Your understanding and effort are much appreciated.