OCM Online and No Function

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Isn't it odd that OCM works in Outlook.office.com but we can't see a list of our tasks, opportunities or way to see notes add on other accounts without going into Outlook installed application?  What is the purpose or strategy for having it online?  

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Hi Joe,


Currently, OCM is only available for Outlook desktop client. You may vote on the feedback below to push the OCM team work on it. Actually, the idea has already started and the module will follow.




Thanks for your understanding.



OK, but when solely used in the Outlook Desktop Tool, is it is not reliable. 


1.  It often hangs up and doesn't allow you to save info

2. It doesn't sync contacts created with Outlook contacts 

3. Unreliable for daily use 


This has been out for some time and should be more reliable and not get the error to restart it again. If it was reliable, it would be very good to use.