OCM on MAC OS X, Sorry something went wrong. Please try again

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I had been browsing this forum and googling it for a bit, but none of the solutions worked.


PROBLEM: I have Office365 Business Premium license and am trying to set up myself CRM using Outlook Customer Manager. Application is enabled for my profile in Admin (screenshot attached) as well I can add contact using Outlook Add-in over Web client. But every time when I run Outlook client (Mac OS X) I get "Something went wrong. Please try again" error message (what seems like Error code differs, but result is the same). Since I have Safari as default browser, I tried to follow "clear cache for IE" suggestions, but no luck.


Can you please suggest what and how to do to solve this?
Thank you all in advance, Dan.

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Hi Dan,


We can try the following steps to reinstall add-in.

  1. Open outlook manage app setting view: https://outlook.office365.com/owa/?path=/options/manageapps
  2. Select “outlook Customer manager” and click “-“ to uninstall


  1. Restart outlook
  2. Reinstall add-in by going to https://outlook.office365.com/owa/?path=/options/manageapps click “+” and select “Add from URL”


And use https://ocm.outlookapps.com/GetManifest


Regarding clear Safari cache, you need to disable develop menu, and clear cache.







I have the same Problem. I tried to fix it by reinstalling, but the problem is still there. I also tried to delete the ocm group in the admin panel, but ist the same. I can't use the ocm.

Ist there another way to fix the problem?






Hello Johny, all.


Just now followed all instructions (uninstalled, shut down the Outlook client and added new Add-in from 3rd party sources) but the same error message popped up. OCM is simply not able to connect to web from MAC OS X-based client (truth is I didn't clear Safari cache).

This is very frustrating to be honest. If it werent the function of adding contacts in one go (when I add new contact to OCM, it is added as well as to Outlook Contacts) I would be gone to the ZOHO CRM, or Pipedrive. I am afraid I will have to do so in case there is no solution.


Thank you in advance for all suggestions, Dan.




Hello all.


I burned some more time on this and although some success achieved, not entire win.


I believe the issue in total has two parts:


OCM icon visibility in Outlook for Mac:

  1. Installation of OCM
    1. https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/msoffice/forum/msoffice_outlook-mso_other-mso_o365b/reinstall-ou...
    2. Need to check Subscriptions; OWA BUT AS WELL Exchange Admin!
    3. Thanks Johnny for sharing resource (https://ocm.outlookapps.com/GetManifest)
  2. OCM Icon then pops up in Ribbon in Outlook for Mac



  1. With Outlook for Win, no issue and you can access it very comfortably via Navigation Panel.
  2. For Outlook for Mac, this seems to be still a challenge and it is (link below) officially confirmed this is STILL NOT available for Outlook for Mac.
  3. Can’t access OCM Today page – This is exactly the problem I am referring to
  4. Enable Outlook for Mac Customer Manager to have full functionality


So in conclusion, even though I can now access OCM from OWA as well as from Outlook for Mac client (to create records for instance), I seem not to have access to OCM Today page (Dashboard-like functionality) anytime soon (unless I migrate back to Windows platform).




"Burned some time"...  that about sums up the waste of resource I have thrown at this too...


It is so disappointing to see so many people in the same boat as myself and the silence from Microsoft is deafening on this one.

The Tech support guys can't even get information or help to even understand what OCM is!  I was asked by a guy last week "what are you expecting it to do for you?"  Astonishing!  They also keep referring to it as "a new product which is still being rolled out"...  well, thats been happening since December 2016, so I think by now it stops qualifying as "New"!

If it functioned at all in OWA I'd be happy, but it doesn't.  I also still don't even know what it can achieve for my business (though reading posts here, it sounds pretty incompetent!).


My experience with CRM is for three decades now, working and implementing solutions with ACT!, Salesforce, Goldmine, Dynamics, Sugar, vTiger, Infusionsoft, and several more, and Microsoft have consistently dropped the ball on providing a viable solution for small to medium businesses, ALL of whom would benefit from CRM if they experienced a solution which actually worked and part of the Microsoft software infrastructure.


Its time they grasp this one and get it working properly.  They could actually make some extra subscription money out of this, instead of putting people off with cumbersome, stupidly expensive solutions like Dynamics, or under implemented and under featured OCM.  Come on Microsoft, do a bit of work here please!