OCM Not Syncing with other Members

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We have a small team of three members that we cannot get our OCM to sync together.

We cleared the Cache of all computers, even went as far as uninstalling/reinstalling Office 365 and marking OCM as unactive/active to try and re-start it.


Our contacts do not share, they continue to say "Private" even when set to "share".

Tasks cannot be seen among other members unless they are complete, etc. But only two of the three of us can actually see anything at all. Nothing happens "live" or fast, it's almost like our syncing is about 24 hours apart from one another. It's very strange.


Is there a known bug or problem that is happening right now that we should be aware of?

We were really looking forward to using this product, b ut haven't had any luck with it. :\



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Hi Nicole,


Generally, the sync will take some time. Could you try to recreate contacts, and share them to have a check?

I need to do some test/research, and update here.





We have this exact same issue. We've built 2 machines purely for testing of this problem and find that we cannot sync between accounts. 

When a contact / company / deal is created on one machine it doesnt sync through to the other. Both machines online. Comments dont work.


Is this a known issue?