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Can someone please help me figure out how to get OCM to show up in outlook for my company? I have purchased Office365 as of today, and one of the primary items I'd like to get working is OCM, but cannot figure out for the life of me how to get OCM to show up.

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Hello Peter,


Firstly, your organization need assign the Office 365 Business Premium subscription to the uses. In this way, the users can access to the OCM. However, on the admin side, he/she can enable/disable the OCM in the admin center, please see:


On the end-users side, they can enable/disable the OCM add-in on the OWA. Please see:


Please confirm the above information on your side, and let us know the result.




Thanks Rudy!


It seemed that I had done those steps and the subscription took some time to take in effect. After a few hours, OCM then appeared in my outlook. Slightly odd, but at least it's there. I'll be awaiting to see if the rest of my team members are able to see it as well.




OCM seems to be very odd right now. Sometimes OCM appears and doesn't appear in my outlook. Secondly, i have set up someone else in the organization withall the permissions/applications, but they are not able to see OCM either. Where is the "OWA" you speak of? The one where you had pasted the area to enable/disable OCM. 

Hello peter,


Sorry for the inconvenience.


The OWA is shorted for Outlook Web App. Please click the link to access it or login into the office portal to access it.


On OWA, please click Settings (the gear icon) > Mails > General > Manage add-ins.




How do you get OCM to appear in side-by-side view in OWA?