OCM is showing on the ribbon but says it isn't available?

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The OCM appeared on my Ribbon but when I signed in a message appeared saying: "We're sorry Outlook Customer Manager isn't available for your account yet. Outlook Customer Manager is new, and we're still rolling it out. We're sorry it isn't available for your account yet, but we're working on bringing it to all Office 365 Business Premium subscribers."


I'm an Office 365 Business Premium subscriber and signed up for First Release, so I'm confused why it would show up on the Ribbon...?  Please, can you let em know when it'll be available. Thanks, Mark 

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This was answered a few hours ago, in a different thread, by Welly Lee:
"If you are on First Release, you should start seeing OCM within the next couple of weeks."

Thanks Victor - I did do that but it still doesn't work. The version I have installed is 1611 (Build 7571.2109). Am I still missing something? Thanks, Mark
I don't think you are missing anything, but I guess you just have to wait a little bit more.

My assumption is that the process of making OCM fully functional it's split in multiple phases, one of them being to make the add in available in Outlook. This phase being complete in your case, I think it will not take longer until the phase of enabling the functionality will also take place.
Okay, thank you for your help. Mark
You're welcome.

Let us know when it starts to work.