OCM is showing in my subscriptions, but not on ribbon


I am on Fast Track and have the latest version of Outlook installed, but Customer Manager still isn't showing on my ribbon, despite it showing in the list of licences under subscription. Is this normal? Does anyone in the UK and/or outside of the USA have it yet or any idea when we will. If it's not very soon then what third pary CRMs do people like as I need to implement by mid-January at the latest.

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You need to have a version higher than 16.0.6700.1000 if you are using C2R. If you have the MSI version of Outlook, then you need Outlook 2016 with KB3115500 installed.

Check if Outlook’s Test Email AutoConfiguration show that Autodiscover is successful and that you able to navigate to the Manage Add-ins ECP page (https://outlook.office365.com/owa/?path=/options/manageapps). Are other Outlook Add-ins listed in Manage Add-ins successfully loading in Outlook?

One more thing. Is OCM missing from the ribbon, or is it greyed out? If it's greyed out, you must enable the Reading Pane.

It's version 1611 (Build 7571.2109). Test Email AutoConfiguration is successful and I can see and use other Outlook Add-ins.
You said that the OCM licenses are "showing in the list of licences under subscription", but is the OCM license is assigned to the user account?
Check this conversation:

One reply says that:
"The OCM license on the admin mark your tenant to be provisioned. After the OCM has been provisioned, you can use the admin UI to remove OCM frrom your tenant."

It seems like having the license available doesn't mean that the feature was already provisioned.

So that is probably the problem. Might have to rethink what to use as a CRM if it isn't available by mid-January as can't wait much longer than that to implement something so will probably have to find a third-party solution.

I would ask Welly Lee on that thread if he thinks it will be available by mid-January or if anything can be done to speed up the provisioning for your specific tenant.

I did the same, provisionned some info to @Welly Lee , but still no reaction.