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Hey everyone,


we wanted to use OCM on shared mailboxes. Our MS consultant told us we can put a licence on the private mailbox (firtsnamelastname@mydomain.de) and the shared mailbox (service@mydomain.de). After that it would be possible to use OCM in both. But OCM only gets visible in the private mailbox in outlook. In OWA we see an OCM button also in the shared mailbox.

After that we tried to configure service@mydomain.de as a second exchange mailbox in outlook (not shared). But this also gave an error - perhaps as they are in the same domain?

Any idea how we can use OCM on service@mydomain.de? 



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Hi Graz1,


If you have assigned a BP license to the shared mailbox (service@mydomain.de), then it is just a normal mailbox and you can configure this account in Outlook client as normal BP user account. And it's allowed to add more than one accounts (same domain) in a same profile, and then when you go to Outlook Customer Manager, you can see multiple OCM there:



For the error you got when you add the second account (service@mydomain.de), would you please provide us a screenshot about it? And may I know how you added the account in your Outlook client?




Hi Iry,


thanks for your reply.

accessing service@mydomain.de via OWA is possible. 

Adding the mailbox in outlook (Office 365 Business) over "Datei--> Konto hinzufügen" ("File--> add Account")


is possible and we get a dialog "mailbox is added to your profile" (or similar words).


But when accessing the folder we get the following error:error.jpg




The solution was to set service@mydomain as standard mailbox in outlook. After that the folder was accessible.

Now the OCM in the Emailfolder (sidebyside view) works, but accessing OCM stil gives an error:

I already deactivated and reactivated the OCM license and plugin and deleted and "reinstalled" the mailboxes.

further research:

  • we found out that service@mydomain was NOT automaticly added into the office365 group "Outlook Customer Manager" (perhaps as it was converted from a shared mailbox)
  • users where OCM works where automaticly in this office 365 group and are not able to leave the group (are readded automaticly)
  • OCM still is not working for service@mydomain and it is possible to leave the office365 group without beeing readded automaticly

any ideas?



Happy new year,


any ideas? nowone?