OCM Has been unusable since we installed it

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No help from Microsofts support system on Office 365 other than to let me know that it is a 'known issue'. 

We either need this to work, or I need to move on to Sales Force or something. 

Help would be great. 



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Hi Christian Wentz,


OCM is actually integrated on IE. Please try to clear IE cache and check if the issue persists. To clear IE cache: 


Open IE>select Tools>Safety>Deleting browser history.


After that reboot OCM and check if the issue persists.




HI Leo - 

I have taken those steps more than once in effort to straighten this out. I have also disabled the add in in OWA, then reinstalled it from the URL. No dice. 

FYI it does not work in either Outlook 2016 or in OWA. 



HI Leo - 

I am also having this issue on the phones. I have to wonder if this is a problem with the Office 365 accounts/exchange online servers. Perhaps even the Azure basic ?

Any ideas would be appreciated.