OCM group members subdivision

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My organization would like to implement OCM for sharing business contact & deals, how ever they would prefer that sharing is done per business unit,  i.e. from the OCM group members be able to create a sub group or only allow certain members sharing with from the main group.


If you can please assist on how this can be created?

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This cannot be done. It is either on or off based on the admin setting it when assigning license in the admin portal. 


I have had three tenants reproducing an issue with how long the data takes to sync from one user to another user. If I add a contact with my own login and log in as myself to any computer it is instantly available to me. If someone else continues to hit refresh it can take quite some time to appear. Same is true for any user. So...user1 to user1 = instant sync. User2 to User2 = instant sync. But user to user2 can take from 20 minutes to an hour. This is true for adding Contacts or Companies as well as updates. It is self explanatory as to the many issues this can cause. 


If you happen to be testing OCM at this point...would you mind testing? :)