OCM for mobiel team


HI, I am grappling with this and am going around in circles, so am hoping I can get some clarity here;


We are a three user site running O365 business premium. Two of us are mobile and one office based. We use android handsets and tablet's whilst on the road.


NOW, without subscribing to MS Dynamics I was very excited about the release of OCM. 


Sadly, in its current guise it is not working for us as we need;


Mobile (android) access to all communication and notes relating to each company contact. This would include the contact details of that person which needs to be synced to mobile handsets.


Currently, we can share the contacts from one user's outlook contact section and can see everything when physically sitting in office using MS Outlook. However this does not pull through to Android.


What can we do to overcome this? 


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Hello Paul,


Thanks for posting here.


So far, it is not feasible to use the OCM on android side. Please vote the below idea to let our related team know your requirement:



Your understanding is appreciated.




Hi Rudy,


Thanks for the reply.


I have voted in favour of this.


However, I do not understand why Microsoft are string us along like this. Frankly, why are we not being told that what the state of play is here. I am trying to keep all my software with the MS family, however this one critical piece of software seems to be going no where fast and hampering my business processes. 


What I need to know is;


Is an Android app/useability coming?


If yes, where can I follow progress/follow the roadmap/obtain progress reports?



We've been waiting for almost two years for OCM Android App. Clearly it is not a high priority for Microsoft.

don't wait for it...find another solution...maybe salesforce as there is an add-in in outlook for android already built in (haven't tested it yet though)...microsoft is the worst when it comes to stringing people along waiting for the new feature or device and there is no way to know if it's really coming...now i assume nothing i need is coming (took me 10 years to finally admit it)...remember the "surface phone" LOL....


Has there been ANY movement here Rudy?