OCM Does not Install After 24 Hours Even if Everything is Enabled

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I have followed all instructions on how to enable OCM but for some reason is will not appear in outlook...even after 4 days.


I called Microsoft, got bounced around 5 times with a callback promise which never happened :(


Please help!


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Hello Samy,


Welcome to post here. From your description, we'd like to double confirm the following situations:


  1. Log into https://portal.office.com/account/#subscriptions, check if you have been assigned the OCM license. Untitled picture.gif
  2. Log into OWA, and go to General > Manage add-ins, check whether the Outlook Customer Manager is turned on as below:Untitled picture 2.gif
  3. Use an admin account to log into Office 365 portal to check license. 
     Untitled picture 3.jpg

Meanwhile, if you are using an office 365 trail account to use the OCM feature? 




Hi Rudy,


Thank you for your reply, i have went over the settings provided several times and still no OCM on ribbon..it is not a trial account, it's a sub.

Hello Samy,


Thanks for your reply.


Please confirm if there is an OCM icon appears in the mail's reading pane on OWA:



If that icon doesn't show on OWA, may be the setting doesn't configure completely. May I know if others in your organization can access OCM now?


Meanwhile, please clear the IE browser's cache to check it again.