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I love the effort on OCM. But there is one thing crucial to my using it. 


I use Pipedrive, and I love its overview based on deal stages. I can see all my open deals, progressing through the deal flow. I feel this overview is elementary to any CRM-ish solution so I'm surprised OCM doesn't seem to have it - am I missing something obvious? 


If I'm not... well then you are! Please build this overview so I can ditch my pipedrive subscription. Tx!

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Hi Boris,


In OCM, by "open deal", I guess that you mean deals which are not closed. If so, we have a overview named "Active Deals".




If I am off your way, please feel free to let me know.




Of course, Shuman - I've seen that overview.

what I meant is then not to have all Active deals below each other alphabetically, but instead ordered from left to right in columns, by progressing deal stage. So I can instantly see which deals are in which stage by their place in which column.


Does that make it clearer?