OCM CSV Import and Import from BCM

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I have BCM, and I see instructions below on how to import in my BCM data, but this isn't available when I choose Import->Companies/Contacts/Deals.  The only option is Importing via csv.  Am i missing something, or is this just not there yet?




Also, if I export bcm companies and contacts (to csv), and then import into OCM, it does not maintain their relationship, and I am only available to import certain fields.  So in OCM, for a contact I can add address information, a Company, additional email addresses and phone numbers etc.  These are built in fields it seems, but when I choose import most of those fields don't show up.  I have to create them all separately in order to import them.  Almost like OCM has it's own fields, and is merging them with your regular contact fields to create a full view?  This creates quite a bit of difficulty to import any information from BCM into it (via CSV).  It means If i import only the business data, and they become business contacts, I can't import that other data in, even via the regular outlook import into contacts. 

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