OCM crashes / does not react

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Tried today to change a deal from open to won, does. It work. Status change is not applied.
(No response when item is clicked)
Also a (!) in Triangel appears in the top left corner of the OCM window, telling me that the add in does not react and needs a restart.
(Also clearing the corresponding cache in IE has. It solved the issue)

Is the service generally off at the moment?
Would be helpful if the status of own service would be displayed in my Office 365 dashboard like all other apps.
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And, since I make so many typos, would be great if one could edit an already posted comment.

Hi Paul, the service is up -- you can check for service unavailability information from O365 Service Dashboard. As for your case, please contact Office support to investigate the issue.

Thank you, already sent a support request.