OCM and Outlook for Mac

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Hi all


I have enabled OCM on my Mac (I use outlook for mac). 


Is there a way to see all deals in the OCM? I am not able to see a reference to an OCM button as in the regular Outlook?

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Hi Thieu Hofkes,


After enabling OCM, it will automatically show in the top ribbon when you select a Business Premium account. Please check following screenshot. 






Thanks Leo. I know and that works just fine.


I was wondering how to get an overview of the deals that are running, without first clicking a contact in a mail.

That seems not to be working on Outlook for Mac?

Hi Thieu Hofkes,


Yes, at this point the detailed view in the module is not supported.






So once again, Mac users, who pay the same, get a far inferior product.  Without the dashboard, OCM for Mac is nothing more than a timeline which I can create with the search function anyway!


Very poor Microsoft; this does your brand no favours at all.

Do you know if this feature is in the development pipeline? 

It it possible to access the complet information online?

Hi Steve - did you find anything out regarding this? Just downloaded to my Mac having used this on desktop and laptop (both Win10) and very disappointed to find the dashboard is missing :(

@Leo Zhao Hi Leo - is there any update on this - very disappointed this feature is not supported?

@dogznob I'm afraid not. For me it was just too limited to be of use on a Mac. I briefly trialled the full blown Dynamics 365 CRM, but that is so very far from being SME-friendly, it didn't last long. Eventually I adopted Salesforce Lightning Essentials, which is much easier to live with, but still feels like a sledgehammer to crack a nut. 

@Leo Zhao Wow! once again, same price, inferior functionality on the Mac. This is just poor product management and windows-centric arrogance. When will the full product be available for the Mac?


Yeah! All of us need the complete version to MAC Outlook... The actual version is so limited for MAC... :(

Hi @Leo Zhao do you have any update regards this? I was not able to access OCM dashboard as I'm using Mac, but also paid the same price for business plan :\ 

Incredibly disappointing that this is still not fixed! So much potential here and then just killed it by not providing the full functionality!

The worst part is how much time I already spent on solving this before I found this thread... also, the I do not find the OCM in office365 online (browser), right? These shortcomings in the Mac versions regularly make me search for alternatives, like GSuite... or native Apple solutions.