OCM Add-On working but how to access Application view in Outlook for MAC

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Hi Guys


I have the add-on in Outlook for MAC working on an email level, but I don't see where I can access the central application view (See attached)? There is supposed to be an application view where I can see all customers, deals, tasks, contacts etc. but I don't see it in my O4Mac application?


I have the latest version of O2016 4Mac: Version 15.35 (170610)




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Hi John,


The page your screenshot shows is supported in Outlook for Windows client. According to this feedback - https://outlook.uservoice.com/forums/407082-outlook-customer-manager/suggestions/17106724-outlook-ma...we can learn that only the side-by-side view is supported in Outlook for Mac. The detailed views in the module is not supported at this point.  You can vote on the feedback to let our develop team value this idea and improve this feature.


Thanks for your understanding.


Is there an expected release date for the detailed view on Mac as it seems like its a wasted product without the opportunity of full detailed viewing ?