OCM Add-In Error

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I get the message " ADD-IN ERROR Sorry, we had to restart because this add-in wasn't responding." I can click "Restart" which brings it up for a few minutes and then crashes again. The error message stays the entire time (just in a collapsed form, so I just see the red X in the left hand corner).

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@Simone Christoph, thanks for reporting the issue. We are working on a fix to address this issue - and should release the fix this week.


Do you have an update on the fix?

We deployed a fix last night -- are you still seeing the issue?


Thanks for the confirmation. I send you a private message for contact information so we can call to diagnose your issue.
I am having the same issue, where is the release fix?
We have released the fix last week to reduce the chance you will run into this. If you still seeing the issue, please contact office support

Hi Welly, 


I am still having the same issues. How is it going on the fix?

Hi Simone,

We have issued some fixes that may help with the add-in error. I will contact you to understand your issue.


I keep running into this message also (Add-in Error, Sorry, we had to restart because this add-in wasn't responding.) Is there something I can do to resolve this?

i have the same error

I"m getting the same error


Can someone reassure me that there is actually light at the end of this tunnel.  Does anybody have Outlook Customer Manager working and syncing between multiple computers and users?  I'm beginning to believe that this program is not working and we are all wasting our time.


Someone, please tell me they have it working.

we're having exactly the same problem





Hi, I have the same issue, has the fix been issued yet and where do i find it?

No, unfortunately, they have not been able to fix it yet.

Ditto Here.  We have been waiting for this software a long time!!

yes....need a fix, please help!

I am having the same issue from multiple accounts within the organization