Not so happy of Hong Kong

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Dear all,

I am based in Hong Kong and there are many conversations going on about CRM. I still remember fondly the discovery of BCM back in the day and what a great simple and effective solution that was for the single office company I was working for then. 

I now work for a larger company with many office globally so when CRM was mentioned we heard HubSport, Dynamics, etc... But then I fell over OCM, and what a pleasant surprise. A simple, Outlook based tool that dose just enough management and not so much sales. 

Then I was told  by a consultant we were talking to that it would not be being rolled out in Hong Kong. Is this true? If so whhhhhyyyyy?????


Not as happy as I was (but you could change that)

RN of HK

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Hi Roman,


Outlook Customer Manage requires an Office 365 Business Premium license. We haven’t receive any information about this feature will not being roll out in Hong Kong. You can refer to this article to know more details:




Thanks for the update Barry. It would seem some people think they know more than they profess to....


So a Business Premium license, is the and E3 / E5, sorry it's all a bit confusing for me. 


Really glad to hear we should be getting this very promising tool, any chance of knowing when????


Thanks again!



Hi Roman,


No. Office 365 Business Premium is not the same as Office 365 Enterprise E3 or Office 365 Enterprise E5 subscription. It’s a standalone Office 365 for Business subscription.


About the time, please allow me some time to consult our related team. Once there is an update, I will let you know. Your patience is highly appreciated.




Hey Barry,


Thanks for your continued support. The licenses thing confuses me a bit. We have E5 licenses that are more pa than the O365 Business, but do not cover the great suite of Business apps. Is there a super license level that covers both?