Not be able to open "See more customer data" on OCM Online

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On Ocm add-in Outlook desktop, I can open the daily dashboard and see all my Business Contacts, Deals and Companies data. 


But when i try to open my Business contact data on Outlook online (OWA), nothing happend.

See the end of the link adress .... buildtime=5312018-61831-AM#


Do you know what's happen? 





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Hi Gaetan,


According to your description, the problem could be related to your browser. Please try using another browser and check if it helps.


Please clear the cache of your IE browser with the steps below and check if the issue can be fixed. 

                1. Please go to IE settings > General > Settings under Browsing history > Caches and databases. 

                2. Delete cache files for the website "". 


Also, please give us a screenshot of the error message for a better understanding.




Thank you Sixu,
But I already tried and it did not work.
For your information, they have no error message. The browser displays a blank page without an information log or error message
I try with another account from the same organization and it did not work