No access to customer manager

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I have ensured that I have Outlook customer manager turned on in my subscription and first look turned on as well. Outlook customer manager shows up in outlook and I can view the info it pulls from an email but can not save after making changes. I also can not sign in on IPad or iPhone.


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Hi Todd,


To access OCM in Outlook, it is suggested that you click the Outlook customer manager  button in the nav bar as below:


Or clicking the button in the lower navigation bar.


Regarding you can not sign on iPad or iPhone, do you mean that you get some trouble when signing in Outlook customer manger for iOS? If so, could you please specific more details about the scenario and capture a screenshot of what you get when you failed to sign in?





No Lance I can access it but I am not able to save any details it pulls from an email or make deals. When I make a change and scroll to the bottom I see the save option greyed out and "changes can't be saved right now. Give us a moment" above the save/ cancel options.


As for the ipad/iphone every time I go to sign in it tells me there was a server error.