New deals don't appear in deals list

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In Outlook 365 desktop app on Window, using Outlook Customer Manager.


User creates a new deal. Fills out the required info, hits save. Deal doesn't appear in the list of deals. No filter is applied. After a few minutes/refreshes, it does appear in the focused pane, but it never appears in the main list. It is included in the summary count of open deals, however. 






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Hi Bob,


Have you already tried to help the user clear IE cache? If not, please try to clear the IE cache for the user and check how it goes. 




Hi Bob,

I tried recreating this , when I hit save , it loads for more than 5 seconds but it does appear in focused pane as well as in the main list

May be its very specific to your app and I do not see anything reported to MS on this ... its worth removing and reinstalling the Outlook desktop app.

Hope this helps,