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My company is thinking about switching to Office 365 in order to get OCM, since we need a simple CRM, and we like the principle of OCM which is directly accessible from Outlook (we work a lot on emails).


Yet, we still have some other questions about what OCM would allow us to do and I couldn't find answers. Any help/information from any of you would be great. 


Here below are my questions:


- Management of events and registrations - We organise about 40 events per year. Registrations are made by emails or via our Drupal website, on which participants fill in an online form (then we receive a notification by email). Does OCM offers the management of events? Can we create events, manage registrations, get lists of participants and then see in which events contacts have participated when we open their file on OCM? Can we link it to our Drupal website, so that people registering using the online form will automatically go into the OCM?


- Management of lists of contacts - We get many contacts because of our activities, but there is a large turnover. Does OCM have an automatic way of dealing with wrong email addresses, obsolete contacts in order to keep our listing up-to-date without having to manage each individual contact manually?


- Emailing campaigns - We do emailing campaigns and newsletters. Does OCM work like Mailchimp (I saw there is merge mail, is it the same? Can we design emailing campaigns and newletters in Outlook? Can we save the template to reuse it? What is the cost for this tool?


- Link with Quickbooks - We do our accounting on Quickbooks? Is there a bridge between Quikbooks and OCM for invoicing?


I thank you in advance for your help and for providing me with answers. 






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Hi, does anyone know how I could contact a sales person from Microsoft/OCM to get answers to my questions? Thank you

Hi Guillaume,


Maybe it is not feasible to meet your requirement now. You can submit feedback at