Moving over to OCM, would appreciate some guidance

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I've just moved over to Office 365 and am wanting to open up my emails and contacts to other staff members and think that OCM would be the tool.

At the moment I have a heirachy of folders for suppliers and customers and then sub folders for the individual suppliers and customers.

I had been planning on moving the emails over to public folders that would be accessible to more people, but is this something that OCM can help with?

Are there any good tutorials around showing what can or cannot be done with OCM?

Many thanks in advance.

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Hi Julian Volecker,


Outlook Customer Manager allows you to share contacts and companies with the rest of your team. All shared items are placed into a shared group called Outlook Customer Manager. Every member of that group will automatically see the shared items on their contacts, companies, and deals pages. Based on your description, you want to share all your emails with your contacts. It's not feasible using OCM. Regarding this, you can submit your feedback via


For OCM, you can know more details via following links:


Get started with Outlook Customer Manager

Outlook Customer Manager FAQ






Hi Iry,


I get that I can share my contacts with other staff members and see that when I view a contact it will give a communications trail including a list of all the emails between us, however what will other members of staff see when they view one of the shared contacts?


Will they see the emails I have sent to the customer or just the emails they have sent?


If the emails are in a shared public folder, would that help?


Any further pointers would be appreciated.


Many thanks.



Let me translate the corporate speak rubbish for you. OCM doesn't work as advertised. It is a huge disaster. Look around the OCM community you will only see people complaining about how even simple things like importing contacts and companies doesn't work. Can you believe that job title isn't a default column for contacts? Oh and BTW you cannot share emails or view emails from your colleagues on the timeline. In fact the timeline is rubbish because it only shows your emails only.

Expect to see a request to open a ticked in uservoice for everything you will probably ask here as a response from microsoft. The microsoft support team cannot do anything to help you because they don't have any documentation from the OCM team. The program manager and team has changed multiple times and still 2years later nothing much has changed. I highly recommend you save yourself a lot of wasted business hours and look elsewhere for a CRM type solution.

You can take a look at the uservoice site for this product and take a look at how many items are there more than a year and look at how many items microsoft has completed. It will become very clear to you at that point.



Having worked with MS alpha and beta testing their products going back to the mid 90s, unfortunately what you say comes as no surprise.


It is so disappointing when you see the opportunities being wasted.


On the OCM side of things, we really don't need a big CRM package and can share our emails via Public Folders so coming across OCM was a minor bonus although I hope it doesn't become too frustrating to use.