Minimum version for Outlook Customer Manager


Outlook Customer Manager is automatically installed to O365 Business Premium subscribers. It requires Outlook for windows with minimal version of 1611 (build 7521.2072) -- see version and build releases


To check your outlook version, navigate to File > Office Account and look under Office Update




If your outlook is older than the mininum version, go to and logon to your Office 365 Business Premium account. 


Look for Office 2016 installation link to download and reinstall to the latest office version.

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I have 1611 (7571.2058), but still no OCM available while I'm on First Release. Is there any place where I can find the rollout schedule for the FR tenants? I'm on FR with a Dutch O365 BP license/tenant. Any idea?


Thanks in advance!

We are still in the middle of rolling our to all Business Premium First Release and may take a few more weeks before we complete the roll out to everyone in FR. It looks like your tenant is still in the queue.

We are on Office 365 Business.
Installed ver is 16.0.7369.2038
We are on first release as well.
Could you check if we are still in the queue?


Can you tell me if Outlook Customer Manager will allow us to manage our On premise Exchange 2013 Contacts?

We currently have IT do it in ECP. If not will this change as we move our email into 365.

Outlook Customer Manager (OCM) requires Exchange Online (EXO) account -- please note that we currently offer OCM only to O365 Business Premium subscription.

Hmm. Ok.


Actually. Just did another install which said I am on :


First Release for Current Channel (Office insider Slow) Ver 1611, Build 7571.2072


Not sure how I got a different version on this other pc. I think its mixed. I am logged onto two different orgs. One has mail in 365

I see. I have one customer on Business Premium, but on prem exchange still. Another in 365 but with E3 licences not enabled for OCM yet.


I'll try another which ticks both boxes.


I really would like to know if it can provide end user editing of contacts (I assume you suck them into the crm, don't know how that works with users who are not on preview where there is a mix)

And so I just picked the admin account for the customer on 365 business premium, who is largely on prem, however the admin account is and only exists in exchange online.


Using version : First Release for Current Channel (Office insider Slow) Ver 1611, Build 7571.2072


With a mail profile pointed at that account, I still do not see the Outlook Customer Manager icon on my outlook home screen... Help?

OCM enable user to edit business contact
We are still in the process of rolling out to Business Premium subscribers who opted to First Release. It will take another few weeks before we roll out to everyone on First Release. After which, we will start rolling out to all other Business Premium subscribers.

could you check that we are still on the list as you did for the other client?


When you say edit business contact with OCM.


If exchange online has user mailboxes, shared mailboxes, distribution lists, and contacts.


In what way does OCM integrate with distribution lists and contacts? Do contact move into some sort of isolated CRM that only OCM can see and edit, or do they remain in the GAL, OCM users can edit them, and non OCM users can still use them as normal contacts?

OCM stores the customer information in EXO contacts -- the basic information (name, contact info) is accessible through outlook contacts -- but custom properties created from OCM are only shown on OCM view. Also, when you share a contact, the contact only shown on OCM to others.
I have 1609 (7369.2095) and still no OCM. My O365 Business Premium license shows OCM in the list of included apps...does this mean that it has already rolled out to my account and, if so, is there another admin step to activate it?

@Dean Tobler, you should look for "Customer Manager" on your Outlook home tab to check if  OCM has been rolled out to your tenant. The OCM license on the admin mark your tenant to be provisioned. After the OCM has been provisioned, you can use the admin UI to remove OCM frrom your tenant. 


Where did you find OCM in the list of apps in your admin center?

Any Updates on the OCM  Roll Out ?    USA Market, Business Premium First Release Customer.


Not showing on my Ribbon, nor does it show up in the Apps List or Add In.  



Wondering if there is a timeline yet for roll out. I was planning to implement a third-party CRM by the end of December and after the launch of OCM put it on hold until mid-January, but that's rapidly approaching and despite seeing the licence OCM still hasn't been provisioned. Is there a way of speeding it up or at least finding out when?

Agreed. I have a current third party CRM that I would like to phase out now and us OCM. I've been waiting for the update but it's taking longer than expected. Is there any way to request an early update? We are on First Release.

@Stuart Bruce, @Alexander Brasowski, apology for the slow roll out. We are working to accelerate the roll out and get OCM to all Business Premium users as fast as we can, but it may take a few more weeks for us to complete roll out to all Business Premium on First Release.


I'm on outlook 365, in a exchange 365 environement, and on first release. My outlook is up to date to 7571.2109 I'm wondering if there is any way to know when I'll reveice the outlook customer manager update.


Also, if outlook is in french, does it matter?


And do you have an idea of when the update will be released at large (weeks, months?)