Microsoft Edge wont save my passwords

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I am on the latest version of Microsoft Edge and found a posted workaround to my issue, but the process by which I do this workaround isn't working. The workaround has me going into windows powershell admin and paste a code into the system (I tried pasting the same code as an example but this service does not allow me to do that)

After which I press enter, and programs are supposed to pull up which I would take note of and stop from running in another application called Task scheduler.


I have no way of knowing if this workaround is valid as I am unable to complete it. If there is a alternative to this to fix the issue, please let me know.


This problem only occurred after I recently hard reset my computer. I hard reset the computer so that it retains personal files.

This is only one of the issues I have encountered, but a bigger one. Another would be figuring out how to reinstall microsoft office, as it has been entirely deleted from my computer.

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