Managing Private Contacts in OCM

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I work with a client and the owner has over 2000 personal contacts in Outlook.

We discovered that all his personal contacts have migrated into OCM (when hand how I dont know).


I am helping him clean out hist contacts as there are many duplicates.

I have dumped his personal contacts into a spreadsheet for scrubbing and deleted all his personal contacts from Outlook.


I want to clean out OCM (over 2000 contacts) and import the "cleaned" contacts directly into OCM.


1) Will the Private contacts in OCM dissapear after deleting all the users Outlook contacts?

2) Is there an easy way to clean out all those Private contacts?

3) Is there a recommended way to start from scratch or reset OCM back to a clean database/store?


Thanks in advance


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Keep in mind that all contacts in your default Contacts folder will show up in the Contacts tab of the OCM dashboard, IF the "All Contacts" view is the active view.  If you switch it to the "Business contacts" view it will filter the list to show only Contacts where you have explicitly toggled the "Business contact" switch to Yes in the contact details.


So technically these existing contacts haven't been migrated to OCM - they are just being displayed there if you want to "convert" them to OCM Business Contacts.


Hope this helps...

Thanks for the feedback. Importing contacts via the Outlook import tool, worked fine for 900 contacts, but contacts were Private (no one wants to modify this individually) I imported again via the OCM tool and overwriting existing contacts. This is where everything fails with the 30kb import limit (why Microsoft?) I had to split up the contacts in batches of 100 each. A job that could have taken a short while ended up in many ours.

I've written a migration tool specifically for importing from Business Contact Manager - but it sounds like there may be a need to expand it to import from .csv files.  I would be able to overcome this limit, and perhaps add additional functionality.  What would you say is missing from the .csv import that you would like to see (aside from the size limit)?

The biggest issue is the size limit.
Other issues I had was
1) sitting waiting for a message (4 of 6) checking your file (may not be the exact wording) - So there is no feedback loop or progress bar and no error message - I restarted Outlook several times and no luck (ended up importing via Outlook)
2) might be useful to be able to add a new column when mapping fields
3) advanced option would be to import contacts with company info in one go (I split this with MS Access and generated separate spreadsheets (was originally on Solve360 then moved to SharePoint)- extra work)