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I am attempting to build a macro for Outlook Customer Manager that creates a new series of 8 new outlook tasks each time a custom button is clicked for a name in the database. 


Task #1 would be titled and have the customers first and last name: i.e. "8x8 #1 John Dow"

Task #2 would be titled 8x8 #2 John Dow but scheduled two weeks out. 

Task #3 would be 8x8 #3 John Dow and scheduled three weeks out. 

And so on until week number 8. 


Tasks would show up under the customer name in Outlook Customer Manager as well as the My Tasks list.  I inserted several pictures. 


*UPDATE: I Inserted 6 pictures but got a message that I could only upload 3. I deleted the additional three but kept the language below to help describe my question.


Picture #1 shows where the Outlook Customer Manager is located.

Picture #2 shows where the custom button is located. It is called 8x8.

Picture #3 shows where you select the custom button within the profile of the customer. 

Picture #4 shows the fields that would need to be auto populated for each task. Task #1 in this picture is showing the task being scheduled one week from todays date. 

Picture #5 shows task 2 needing to be scheduled for two weeks out from todays date. 

Picture #6 shows that all 8 tasks are created under the profile for this customer. Not sure why they are all out of order. In addition they would need to show up in the My Tasks list. 


If anyone is able to help me create this or point me in the direction of where I could get the help to create this, I would appreciate it very much. Have a great day!


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Hello Brett,


We welcome you focus on improving our product. Every developing related query, you can chat with our experts in MSDN forum. We suggest you ask a question here for better assistance.


Or you can try to feedback it in OCM UserVoice here.


Thanks for your time.