Its September 2019, and No luck trying to launch OCM. No standard solutions so far.

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Lets approach this situation is a very logical manner. For the last two days everything such as the list below has been done, but OCM cannot launch.


1- Clear cache, make sure cache creation is checked in Internet Explorer

2- Tried using alternative browsers such as Edge, Chrome and Firefox

3- Made sure the OCM feature is part of the license

4- Made sure it is part of the Active User.

5 - Manually added the OCM add in from this URL -


Using Windows 10 Pro.  On Outlook Desktop, managed to add-in OCM via the URL


RESULT of al this :

Something went wrong
Please make sure your browser settings allow cache creation.
After this reinstalled Office, but no luck.
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Hi hPublish, Under the same Subscription (Office 365 Business Premium), please clarify whether other users are having the same issue or they are workable. This can help check whether this is a specific user issue or something else. Supposing if other users work fine, please let the affected user try on the workable user's machine to see if it makes a difference. Regards, Alan