Is Outlook Customer Manager the right solution for us?


Wondering if Outlook Customer Manager can help meet our needs. We have a team of about 10 people who need to share and communicate with a group of maybe 500 or so contacts. Is there detailed information somewhere about OCM features and configuration options? Some key questions:


Are customers tied tied to the O365 user who created them? For example, If User A creates a customer, and then leaves our company is the customer that they created still accessible to the other members of the team?


Can I create my own fields to categorize customers?


Can I send "bulk" emails to groups of customers?


Does OCM work with Outlook online or does it require the Outlook 2016 Desktop Client?


Thanks for any info!


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Hi Edward,

1. If User A creates a customer, and then leaves your company, the customer would still accessible to the other members of the team until you delete the contact.
2. To send "bulk" emails to groups of customers, this is an Outlook feature, seems no relationship with OCM.
3. OCM can work both in Outlook Web App and Outlook desktop version, and requires minimum outlook version of 1611 (Build 7521.2072). To check your outlook version, navigate to Outlook > File > Office Account.


For detailed information about how to use OCM, please refer to this article: .


Hi Edward,


Do you need further assistance?




I am still not clear about (1) whether I can add a field to categorize contacts and (2) whether I can easily send emails to groups of contacts. Can you clarify?


For example, I would like to add a field called "industry" with choices such as government, healthcare, etc.. Then, I would like to be able to send an email to everyone categorized as "healthcare."


Is this possible?


Thank you!

Hi Edward,

From my experience, you can add customized fields to contacts field, and sorting them via this condition, but it's not feasible to send an email to everyone categorized in one condition.

OCM column.PNG

About this feature, I suggest you submit feedback via this link: .




Ms. Amanda,


I have now had a chance to understand the optimal set up for my data and now would like to start with a clean database. At the moment the only way to do this is to individually delete each item, which is impractical. Do we know if there is going to be a way for the administrator to delete more than one company, contact, or deal at a time. I have over 10,000 contacts 2000+ companies, and 300+ deals. Please advise on the best way to do this and get a fresh database to implement.



Chris Fergeson