Introducing Outlook Customer Manager

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Hello, outlook customer manager is installed on my dashboard, but i have not access to the following connector (outlook customer manager) with is opening a full page of this solution to manage deals for example. Could you help me ? How to install it ? (file attached : screen capture)


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Hi Guillaume,


Please click the ... icon > Add-ins to access OCM. 





Thanks a lot for your help Lance, but i don't have the ... icon appearing on my Mac, i only have the four icons availables. Is that due to the Mac environnement ? Do i have a solution ?

Hi Guillaume,


After enabling OCM, it will automatically show in the top ribbon when you select a Business Premium account. Please check following screenshot. 






Good afternoon,


I have upgraded to the Business Premium account, but I do not have the OCM option in the top ribbon.  Is there a way to trigger this to show on Outlook?




Sorry but the ... icon doesn't appear on my macbook like it is the case on PC. Il have no solution to open Outlook Customer Manager in a full page like on the PC. It seem to be a problem link to the Mac system, a different display. ..Tell me your advice... Thanks

OK i have it, no problem. But i can't obtain the full page of OCM to manage the commercial pipe for example. I checked it was working on PC but not operational on mac.