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I have a site where the Director has access to OCM and would now like his staff using it, however I can't figure out how to push this out to the rest of the users.


All of the users are on Business Premium, and I have set the users to receive the first release for software updates (365 admin > Settings > Organization Profile > Release Preferences).


I also cannot see the addon under the user's Business Premium license (The director who has it, nor for the users we need to push it out to). 


Any help would be appreciated.





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Hi Kasim,


To look into the issue,  I would like to confirm the following information:

  1. Please let the user encounter the issue go to > Subscriptions > check whether he/she have the Outlook Customer Manager license. See the screenshot below:ocm license.jpg


  2. If OCM license not show above, you can log an Office 365 admin account into Office 365 Admin Center, click User> Active User> then double click the user. In the opening page, click edit behind Product Licenses to check if you have Outlook Customer Manager On. See the screenshot below:OCM open.jpg

  3. Then after the above 2 required are all met, please go to the Office 365 Mail settings

    >General > Manage add-ins > Check whether OCM is enabled for your account.add-ins.png

    After the settings above are all set, please wait for 24h and the OCM should appear.




Hi Kasim,

Feel free to share with any updates when you have time.


Despite having done point 2 below OCM is not enabled on my account (does not show in point 3)

Hi Amanda, I am still having trouble installing the customer manager add-in on my outlook 2016 client or desktop version. Any suggestions? Thanks, Mitch