Importing Data From Salesforce

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Hi All, pretty new to this, so bare with me.


I am keen to move over from Salesforce to Outlook Customer Manager, but don't want to just rush in and end up having to back track.


I have an existing Salesforce setup where I currently store all my business contacts, has anyone any advice as to how to move this data across?


I can see the import functionality, and that I need a CSV file which I can pull out of Salesforce ok, but how do you map the data fields, and if there are data fields that need added, how do I do that on the way through?


Great to hear from anyone with experience on this, thanks in advance,



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Hi Neil,


If you can get a csv file from saleforce, you can refer to the link below to import the csv file to Outlook Customer Manager.


Let me know if you get any trouble during the process.