Import-Function for Contacts: Language-Mess

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Hi folks,


when I want to import contacts via the OCM import functionality, the drop-down-menu for selecting the correct category (e.g. name, email adress, phone...) to match the correct position in the .csv file shows a different language every time I use it. So far i had Italian, Dutch and Polish...




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Thanks for reporting the issue. We will work on fixing the bug

Thank you.


It got better and worse, both at the same time. Now, the only language is English, which looks like a temporary hack to me. But I can live with it because I do not have to learn 23 new languages ;-).


Something that definately needs to be fixed are the available fields. Phone numer and company are now completely missing. This is crucial information for any crm tool...

Hi Cord,


The issue has been fixed.

Could you please check whether the issue persists?



I still have non-english label descriptions in the menu to match fields during the import of contacts in OCM.