Import Companies fails

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To Test this function I created an Excel .csv file using the template from


I cleared the sample rows, leaving the headers, and replaced it with my own data.


After step five I get the un-useful error below.


Am I correct that the import function is not native to OCM and is a cloud service?  Does this function require permissions to be set?


NOTE: When I tried to post this I got this message:  

"Your post has been changed because invalid HTML was found in the message body. The invalid HTML has been removed. Please review the message and submit the message when you are satisfied."


What got changed was the text of the error message, the source URL below is NOT what was in the original error message.  


==============begin error message===========


Version:1.0 StartHTML:000000232 EndHTML:000098009 StartFragment:000096337 EndFragment:000097959 StartSelection:000096337 EndSelection:000097943 SourceURL: Customer Manager

We've successfully imported 0 companies with 10 columns. You'll find all your companies in the companies section of your Outlook Customer Manager tab. You can personalize the view by adding or reordering columns, applying filters and more.

  • Total items processed: 14
  • Deals: 0
  • Companies: 0
  • Contacts: 0
  • Columns skipped:
  • Duplicates that were overwritten: 0
  • Duplicates that were skipped: 0

Errors were encountered while attempting to import the following records:

  • Deals:
  • Companies: 2-15


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Hi David, 


There may be unexpected values when performing the import. My suggestion is dividing the import task into separate small tasks and import them one by one and check if the issue persists.





Thanks for the reply.


I put a single record in the .csv file. Only 6 of the 10 fields are used.  Name and the business address fields.  All others are blank.


This also fails and returns the same error message.

I just downloaded the sample template again and without making any changes I tried to import the three sample companies in the template.


This returned the same error.



Sorry for the time you have lost already dealing with this awful app. I suggest you take a proper look around. OCM is rubbish and isn't capable of properly managing company or contact data. For example job title isn't even a default field. Trust me I have lost days working with this product. I wouldn't even call it Alpha level software. Please save yourself a lot of frustration and heartache and go find another solution and avoid OCM. Most others here have done exactly that. Microsoft did an AMA over a month ago and gave a bunch of promises and delivered nothing. They don't even properly support the Uservoice setup for OCM.

I agree with your assessment and had come to the same conclusion before I decided to test OCM.  However I am looking for a simple stopgap that my org can use while we are evaluating several CRM applications.  (Its a flipping jungle out there)


Since OCM (supposedly) supports CSV import and export it looked like a reasonable candidate to use are a few months.  I am confident that my issue is related to permission to the web service that executes the import function.  


Microsoft shows two distinct patterns of behavior around many, many features and capabilities they offer across their product lines.  1. Committed to go the distance  2. Half hearted DGAF 


OCM clearly falls under behavior #2, which is a crappy way to treat customers that are paying monthly subscription $$ for a feature that wastes customers significant time and money.  If Microsoft had never offer OCM in the first place I for one would have been better off and not viewed Microsoft in a negative light.  But now the frustration is high on the waste of time and energy that I could have invested in more productive activities for my business.


Microsoft's silence here speaks volumes.  How is it that we in the community can see the decision that Microsoft has already made regarding OCM, but Microsoft won't step up and own it?  Hey Microsoft, save us the ongoing aggravation from your unfulfilled promises and save the $$$ you are burning through for your shareholders.  Make the decision and announce it.  Yes we will still be grumpy with you but at least we will appreciate not being jerked around.   



Contact management in general on office 365 is way beyond a joke. There is no central way to manage contacts. Opening the people section in Outlook web is worse than customer manager. When i search for contacts I get not found but yet I can see the contact in the list. You cannot properly edit contacts and for some reason it shows all my contacts as 1 big long list over over 1,000 contacts that is slow as hell to scroll down through. You cannot add or edit a photo for a contact in outlook web. I cant believe its like this for years. I would never ever touch any type of CRM or Dynamics software from microsoft because if they cannot even do simple contact management imagine what the rest is like!