How to share business contacts with my colleagues? (Question for Rudy Xu)

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Dear all, How and where do I make the shared Business contacts including their timeline appear for my colleagues? I created several business contacts, deals etc with OCM and marked them all as "shared". I also created an OCM Group with colleagues that I would like to have access to this information and timeline. They all are Office 365. How and where can my colleagues actually access this Information? My contacts just do not appear in OL Web Access if I check on one of my colleagues PC. Neither does the rest of the information? What am I doing wrong here?
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Hello Markus,


Generally, when you share the contacts or Companies with the rest of your team, all shared items are placed into a shared group called Outlook Customer Manager. And every member of that group will automatically see the shared items on their contacts, companies, and deals pages. Note: You don't need to create a group named OCM manually.

Meanwhile, as per my knowledge, the attached file in the shared item won't be shared, you can copy and then share them manually.


Feel free to let us know if you need further help.