How to add a VAR/Reseller name in OCM?

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We are small business with Office 365 premium package. Just started to use the OCM, is it possible to add Reseller's information in the deal?


I mean, for B2B business, nearly every deal have resellers, when you talk about the deals, you also need to talk about the reseller information (it is also a company with contacts inside).


Thank you.

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Hi Xiaokun,


You can add Deal name, company, contacts, start/end dates, and activities of their own.



Johnny Zhang

Hi Johnny,


Thank you for your quick answer. However this is the introduction of the basic function of OCS. What I mean is in each "deal", there should be a "reseller" function, similar as the "company".


I tried to add a new Column, but the there is no company option, see the attached picture. Can you kindly give me more instructions?


Thank you very much.


BR, Xiaokun



Hi Xiaokun,


It seems there is no option for your requirement. Given the situation, you can submit feedback via  Thanks.



Johnny Zhang