Export from Customer Manager to Excel - not working

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Some, but not all, of my columns will export to Excel from Outlook Customer Manager.  When I started to set up my contacts in Customer Manager, most mailing addresses (that were already contained in the existing Outlook contacts or in downloaded vcards) wouldn't autofill, so I had to enter them individually.  Now that I've taken the time to do that for each and every contact, the mailing addresses won't export to an Excel file that I can send to someone who is doing a mailing for me.


How can I export to Excel only the information I do want to export (names, companies, mailing addresses) and prevent unnecessary columns (type of contact, shared with, etc) from exporting?   There doesn't seem to be a way to customize this.  

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Hi Hb-adams, I will further test this and post back as soon as possible. Regards, Leo