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I have a few deals that keep giving me the following errors:


There was a problem saving this deal. Please try again. 


Sorry, we had an error and couldn't update. Please try again.

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Hi Tim,


Please clear the cache of your IE browser with the steps below and check if the issue can be fixed.

  1. Please go to IE settings > General > Settings under Browsing history > Caches and databases.
  2. Delete cache files for the website "".

Then, restart Outlook 2016.

If the issue persists, share a screenshot showing this error message and let me know when this issue occurs or what you are doing.




Hi Tim,


Does the suggestion work for you? Please feel free to contact us if any related assistance is needed.




Hi, I know this is an old thread, but I had the exact same problem and followed your instructions, BUT after I restarted Outlook 2016 and then loaded OCM, I get a screen saying "Something went wrong Please try again."

I've been trying again, but the data is not being loaded from the server!

Indeed when I go to OWA and access OCM, for a Contact that I had previously set up attached to a Company and with Deals, they are not shown as an OCM Contact and I'm only seeing the spinning "Loading activities" message at the bottom.

Gawd I hope my OCM database has not been stuffed! It has taken ages to set it up!

I can confirm that all of my data has been lost and OCM now fails to start, which doesn't make me very happy!!


What should I do?

I have the same problem but. I have found it happens when I first open Outlook. I cleaned up all the Cache problems in the previous text and edited out the contacts I don't use. What I found if I click the icon on the On the Quick Access Tool Bar the problem resolves its self. 


I believe that when Outlook is loading there is a lot of cache being used and causes the error to occur. After Outlook has finished loading hitting the Quick Access Tool Bar the resources are available.


Also, some of my users will try to start up Outlook as soon as the PC boots to Windows this, in turn, causes a chain reaction which results in Outlook trying to open multiple times. This is going to cause the same issue.

 And third-party spell and grammar checkers. 




I am having the same problem.  I completed the steps to clear cache but now the Deals page just say "Loading" but never loads the data.  What is the next step to fixing this issue?  

I am having the same issue and the same results after following those instructions.