Email created from OCM does not use stationery

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When I create a new email in Outlook (2016) it is uses my chosen stationery, all good.


when I click the email button from with a contact record in OCM it doesn't - can this be changed, not using the stationery makes no sense to me and disrupts the workflow.


Any thoughts?



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Hi Chris,


Regarding this issue, I need the following information to further narrow down:

1. Your Outlook client version details.

2. The steps you apply stationery in Outlook and OCM.

3.  A screenshot showing this symptom.


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Hi Shuman


1. Outlook version details: Version 1704 (Build 8067.2115 Click-to-Run)


2. I have stationery applied for 'New Email Message', it was added through Outlook Options->Mail-Stationery & Fonts. I do not have stationery in OCM, I click the email button next to the email address in the contact record which opens a new message in Outlook - here I expect it to use the stationery that outlook would normally apply to a new email message.


3. Not sure what screenshot you want to see, an email with & without stationery!


many thanks



Hi Chris,


Thanks for your updates. I have report this thread to our related team. If there is any updates, I will inform you as soon as possible.


Your patience will be appreciated.