Duplicated companies in OCM

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I've just started using OCM, had heard good things but I have an issue with duplicated companies.


I created 4 companies to date but the last one has been duplicated and now when I look at OCM I have 4303 companies. I assume something went wrong creating the last record and it has kept creating it 'ad infinitum'.


I have tried deleting the cache database, hoping it was a local issue but that hasn't worked.


Any ideas? Can I scrap all data and start again (I haven't entered much yet!)? Is it likely to keep happening, I don't want to enter all my leads if the data isn't reliable!


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Hi Chris,


1. How did you create the affected OCM company, such as importing from CSV files?

2. Are all the duplicated companies the same entry?

3. Some screenshots about the symptom




Hi Chris,


Have you received my reply?



Hi Kanjie,


To answer your questions:


1. No the company was not imported, it was manually created.

2. Yes, all duplicated companies are the same entry.


 My guess would be the connection to the server was interrupted and OCM didn't receive a reply to say the company was created succesfully and so it kept repeating!

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So, it looks like I solved the duplicated companies issue by following the instructions in this thread


It's a way of deleting the companies using a SOAP call - It worked for me but please make sure you do a full backup if you decide to go down this route.


Good luck guys!!! :)