Duplicate Entries Appearing as Private

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I have populated OCM with contacts by 1) importing contacts into OCM with the import function and 2) adding them into Outlook Contacts (which syncs OK with OCM). 


While there was some duplication of records appeared which I spent a great deal of time going through and deleting them (ALL records were labelled "shared with Outlook Customer Manager") .  Recently some duplicate contacts are appearing again but they are labelled with "shared with Private". (see image below).   Why is this occurring?  If I delete the "shared with Private" record it removes them from both OCM and my Outlook contacts.  I am a little confused about where OCM is syncing?  Any ideas about what I can do?





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Hi Coral,


It's a normal behavior. These "private" contacts are shared from your Outlook personal contacts, so when you delete it, it will disappear from both of OCM and Outlook contacts. Given the situation, you may only choose Business contacts tab to only show contacts that you enabled as an "Business contact" in OCM.





My users have the same issue, even though they selected "Business contacts" only, OCM still displaying "Private" under column "Shared with".