Duplicate Deal Entries on Deal export

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Hi there. i have cleared all caches, histories and files, and restarted. 

When i export my deals, i get a lot of duplicate deals, one saying open in progress, one saying failure - lost. 

However when i go to OCM deals page there is only one deal listed. (and generally it's the failure lost one)

Since i have deleted my cache and everyone else on the group's cache and also the OCM specific one in settings, what is my next thing to try. I did turn OCM on and off, but how long would i need to do this to remove any last dregs of history?

Another issue is two of us are showing 200 deals, and one (who is only the sales support) is showing 100 deals.

All deals are shared.

What can i do?





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Hi Ned Wood, 


To better help you, could you please some screenshots of 1) how the corrupted entries show after export and 2) how the deals show on the problematic user's side and a normal side?