Does OCM work with Pop/IMAP Outlook Accounts


Does anybody know if OCM work with Pop/IMAP Outlook Accounts or only Exchange based accounts. I have tried multiple technique in these forums to try and activate OCM in the ribbon...nothing has worked. Then I came across a thread that said it would not work for people who are not using Exchange. I need verification if that is true or not. I am not on Exchange and am trying to evaluate this for use at my company and need to know if Exchange is part of the required upgrade path for our team. Already have ruled out Mac(s) in my user scope. 

I do have OCM installed.
I have uninstalled it an reinstalled it. Both OCM and 365 Business Premium.
I have waited 24 hours for it to magically appear.
I added it in add in and switched it on and off in the Admin panel.

I just need a little clarity. Any help is appreciated

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No, OCM will not work with POP/IMAP accounts by themselves.  OCM requires an Office 365 mailbox in a supported subscription package.  A mailbox with a private Exchange server cannot have OCM functionality at all, only a mailbox with Office 365 (which is actually Exchange anyways, but controlled by Microsoft).


However, you can have a POP/IMAP account in your Outlook profile and still use OCM as long as you have an additional Office 365 account in your profile, but the OCM Ribbon button will only be visible in the main Outlook window while you are in a folder within your Office 365 mailbox.  The OCM dashboard will still be accessible via the Add-ins module in the Navigation Pane regardless of what folder is current.

Hi Rick,


OCM only works with your Office 365 for Business Business Premium accounts, which means it must be an Exchange account.