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Having changed my Office 365 subscription from business essentials to premium in anticiaption of the availability of OCM I must say that I am extremely disappointed. Not only has my previously reported issue relating to access to Outlook contacts (all contacts only shows a fraction of my total Outlook contacts) gone unresolved but I now realize how very limited the task functionality is.  You can link a task to a deal or to a contact but not to both.  A task created with OCM becomes availabe in Outlook but any catagory assignments you might make within Outlook do not transfer back to OCM.  I understood that OCM would be a limited feature CRM option but I did not expect that it would be as limited as is turns out to be.  I am holding out hope that the bugs will be fixed and the functionality expanded oherwise my search for a basic CRM continues.

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Are you aware that OCM is not released yet? AFAIK, OCM is only available at FR tenants and no ETA defined yet
Understood, Hopefully a bit more development will result in a workable solution.
By the way, let's see what the team can say in regards to your question
You should give feedback to the OCM team here: https://outlook.uservoice.com/forums/407082

Paul, thank you for the feedback. As Victor suggested, I would encourage you to provide feedback through user voice so other users can also vote: https://outlook.uservoice.com/forums/407082


Are you available to talk over the phone for us to understand your use scenario around task linking to multiple entities as well as task category? If so, please send me your email and convinent time to call through a private message.