Deals & Companies not being shared

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Hi there,


we want to share the companies and deals inbetween 2 accounts. Both have the appropriate license, and can use the OCM. 
All contacts and deals are shared trough the "Share" button.


I have made a ticket [ #:13325594], they checked everything, and all is setup in O365 as it should.

What I tried on my local system:

- reinstall mailbox;

- reinstall office, then mailbox;

- Make a completly seperate account, where I only used office 365

- reinstall windows 10, then office, then mailbox

None of above worked.

I also read about the solutions in other post (mostly same solutions as above), but nothing works!
Anyone got a solution to this, cause untill now, we are unable to solve this. 

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Hello Brijn,


Sorry for the late reply. Does everything work now? If issue persists, please update your Outlook client to the latest version in Monthly Channel: 1904 (Build 11601.20178 Click-to-Run).


Feel free to let us how it goes.


Meanwhile, may I also know if this issue has occurred recently?




@Rudy Xu 


Unfortunatly not. The problems persists. I have updated a couple of days ago to the mentioned version. Been using Outlook on a daily basis, but the accounts and deals aren't shared yet between the 2 accounts (which I have both on outlook installed).


I haven't been able to get OCM share deals and contacts at all.

So the problem has been there since the beginning I started using it.

Hope that answers your questions. If not, please don't hesitate to ask.


Kind regards,





Hello Bram, thanks for your reply.


May I know if those 2 accounts are in the same tenant and have the same domain suffix? If so, you should can see the shared deals and companies. In this case, please capture a fiddler trace when you reproduce this issue. Note: please share a new test deals or companies and let us know its name for better filter the trace. For privacy concern, we will send you a private message to collect it.


Also, let us know that 2 accounts' username in that private message.