Customers missing in iOS app

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In the app under the customers tab there are no entries. However, there are businesses there when I select companies. When I select a company there are also no associated contacts.


I'm also using the desktop outlook client and there are contacts in list on the OCM add in, which are Business Contacts.


I'm just new to this and want to make it work. It is important that we can get the iOS client to work as in our business we have Mac users and in their wisdom Microsoft have not created a fully functional add-in for the Mac Outlook client or the online version of Outlook.

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Hi James Howey,


Since for Business contacts disappeared in OCM app, we can reproduce the issue and after confirmed with related team, it should be a bug. And also they have opened a ticket to analyze it.




Thank you for your quick response!
I have same issue plus tasks not syncing properly

I am having the same problem.  The companies are displayed but the contacts are missing.  In Outlook on my laptop they are displayed and linked.