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I imported an account from BCM, which is now a "Company". When I try to save changes, I get an error message "sorry, we had an error and couldn't update, please try again. If I click on one of the contacts, the page navigates back to the Company search results. 


Update: This is occurring with all Companies


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Hi Kerry,


I understand that you were using BCM previously. I'd like to confirm if you've followed the step by step instructions in the two articles below to complete the migration. 

1. Export your business records from Business Contact Manager

2. Import data to Outlook Customer Manager


Meanwhile, as the performance of OCM is affected by many factors, please check the following:

1. The Outlook version. Please make sure it is up to date. i.e. The current version should be 1709 (Build 8525.2084)

2. Clear the cache of your IE browser with the steps below:

a. Please go to IE settings > General > Settings under Browsing history > Caches and databases.

b. Delete cache files for the website "".

c. Then, restart Outlook 2016.


If the issue persists, please capture a screenshot of error for analysis.






OCM completely non-functional now- here's my screenshot. 



screen shot- something went wrong.png